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About Us

Vixtera, Inc is a Cloud Automation software and services company that developed an IT Productivity Platform, a comprehensive enterprise software that offers FULLY AUTOMATED solutions and products for DevOps and Cloud Management.  Vixtera has been ventured out of software consulting business assisting enterprises with development of comprehensive infrastructure and application solutions.

Our venture is privately funded by its leaders, has a bench of  highly skilled software developers with state-of-the-art domain expertise, including 4 PhDs, and is in possession of invaluable know-how.

Besides expanding our well ingrained consulting business that is helping us to boost expertise and is contributing toward product R&D and business operation ( among major projects – storage, compute resource & app management; inventory service automation; DC consolidation), we are actively engaged and partnering with industry leading ISVs, integrators and enterprises.

Vixtera has battlefield-proven, resilient and experienced leadership consisted of seasonal technology innovators and serial high-tech entrepreneurs. We supercharge it with unique domain expertise of our engineers and practical operational experience of our leaders to quickly scale up from a bootstrapped startup to a highly-profitable enterprise.


Partners Testaments

One of the largest computer/server manufacturer on the subject of “cloudifying” legacy apps:

“It looks amazing. Are you hiring? :-). Seriously though, this is spot on to what we were talking about. This satisfies a very real need in the market. We currently avoid talking about this topic with customers because we don’t have a way to satisfy it.”

One of the largest SaaS ISV on convergent to cloud-native environment:

“Our infrastructure is not a Cloud and has no automated way to manage it, although automation is only one part of the problem. We have complex and outdated business processes under which it takes weeks to get any environment to set up, which requires tremendous overhead for all involved parties.  Unity makes it way more proficient and replace the entire conundrum  with a very cost-effective compute resources.”

$1B Cloud Infrastructure Integrator:

“We cannot differentiate ourselves by simply offering infrastructure of any kind…, we have to grow (our offering) up the stack and to offer more automation and orchestration to get competitive advantage. Using Unity, our customers can simply push a button and begin DevOps right at the get-go. Unity is a perfect solution for our Cloud-in-a-Box offering…”

The largest chipset manufacturer. Initiated Cloud for All program:

"We like Unity because it’s helping us to accelerate widespread cloud adoption by working with industry to bring easy-to-deploy cloud solutions to market. We are paving the way for tens of thousands new clouds…”