Secure Resource Management Policies

 Unity comes with built-in tenancy model that implements highly secure and uniform orchestration for the application workloads as well as for “surrounding” infrastructure. This includes all network operations, management (or integration) of credentials for all provisioning operations, and resource-policies management for resource scheduling.  Unity provides a robust model which allows “plug-in” of multiple providers with a mixed of infrastructure and/or schedulers for resource allocation. 

Unity also adds a consistent point of view across all providers and creates a standard operational model for the enterprise.  Such model, among many other, typically includes tenancy (e.g. BU level), security classification (cuts across every application), resource management policy (such as affinity and anti-affinity), and cross-resource-type rules (storage tiering that correlates with compute). 

For example, when IT makes a decision to plug-in a Docker provider, all the above mentioned capabilities would be immediately available and would be simply added to the mixed-n-matched, but easily managed integrated environment.