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ViEdge Product Announcement

ViEdge Product Announcement
9 - 9 - 2019
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Monday, September 9, 2019. Vixtera, an IIoT Edge innovator and developer, today announced a ViEdge – a considerable feat of software engineering providing industrial enterprises with out-of-the-box operational experience delivering broad and robust device, event and data management, automated mass installations and scalable deployment governed from a Single Pane of Glass dashboard. It helps to detect a problem promptly identifying root cause and chain of associated events that’re leading to a problem, preventing potentially catastrophic failures and costly track rolls.

Where ours product can be used

Laying the groundwork for accurate predictive services, the ViEdge uses cause of failure as a reliable source, a label, for NN training and AI/DL modeling eliminating costly, error-prone human involvement providing machine-based data for predictive analysis.

More about algorithms

The patent-pending algorithms and techniques accelerate asset management and decision making, expand operational visibility and reduce the cost to automate asset and infrastructure radically improving operational efficiency of the heterogeneous IIoT environment.


We offer a free software framework with core components, and empower you with variety of applications and services to assist with rapid productization of your solution and integration with OT/IoT and clouds.

Vixtera makes it simple to uplift your IIoT journey. Aslo kindly check ours patent news: