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vixtera patent
10 - 14 - 2019
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Palo Alto, CA., October 14, 2019. Vixtera, an IIoT Edge innovator and developer of edge intelligence solutions for industrial enterprises, filed a formal utility application for “Apparatus and Methods for declarative Control and Query of Devices connected to a Computer Network” after securing, 12 months ago, the filing date and patent pending status with provisional application.

Managements features

The invention allows quick and effortless onboarding, maintenance and management of ANY device across ANY communications protocol without ANY need for a driver, SDK or firmware upgrade (e,g, adapting device to MQTT). You can simply create a JSON/YAML/XML – like text file while configuring a declarative protocol specific to a device or its class – minimum effort is required. The protocol can be easily customized delivering rapid response to frequent changes and upgrades. The protocol’s macros enable fine-tuning of devices and its reporting providing instant response to ever-changing condition of complex heterogenous IIoT environment.

This’s a second patent application and a valuable addition to Vixtera’s bucket of technology innovations on the IIoT Edge.

Improve operational efficiency

The patent-pending algorithms and techniques accelerate asset management and decision making, expand operational visibility and reduce the cost to automate asset and infrastructure radically improving operational efficiency.

More information

For more information contact Eric Replogle (  at the law firm of Womble Bond Dickinson, a transatlantic law firm with an office in The Silicon Valley that focuses on IP issues.

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